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Die Design

Die Design Process

C & M believes that the process of producing stampings begins with the die design. All key features of the stamping must be understood, from the customers’ viewpoint; how is this component used? Once it is understood, a decision can be made on the appropriate tooling process. How many pieces are needed? What features are important? Can it be produced as drawn? A thorough discussion must be performed to express the key dimensions and expectations, from the customers’ point of view. Shared responsibility for the success of end product, begins with at initial review.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Computer Aided Design (CAD) is the electronic format of drafting. The advantage is this design can be updated, as it becomes necessary, with records and revisions. The CAD is also a powerful tool as it can be shared in the machining process of the details for the stamping tooling; Computer Aided Machining (CAM). CAD/CAM helps eliminate mistakes, produce complex geometry, and speeds finished tooling to market. CNC mills and lathes, cut to exacting standards and dimensions for the initial tooling or replacement details needed, for the long-term production needs of our customers. We also share our data with our suppliers of machined components.