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About C&M Manufacturing Corp

No-Nonsense Approach
& Can-Do Attitude

C & M Manufacturing was founded in 1983, by Mat Warren. Mat brought a no-nonsense approach and can do attitude to customer service and on-time delivery, before they became buzz words in the industry. The company started with one 45 ton O.B.I. press, which produced a variety of compound (single hit) parts for the few customers that believed in the founders’ integrity. Product offerings were quickly added with the ability to run small progressive dies, due to the addition of 60 and 100 ton straight side presses.

Tooling Production

As time passed, the ability to produce tooling was realized. This afforded C & M to provide our customers a low cost provider of new and refurbished tooling, for new projects and take over opportunities. Our commitment to our customers have always been, “if we build it, we will maintain it, for life of the project”. The tooling department is currently staffed to build tooling, including dies to 120 inches for our presses up to 450 tons, and maintain those that we run production.

Focus on
Customer Satisfaction

C & M is well versed in APQP and PPAP, with focus on customer satisfaction, starting with an understanding of how the part is used and what is important for the function and the following processes. Most parts, that we produce, are assembled to or are placed in molds for bonding of rubber or plastic; this further restricts tolerances and focuses attention on the key characteristics for successful processing. Clips, brackets, engineered washers, and small weldments and assemblies are all core competencies at C & M Manufacturing.