The Quality department at C & M Manufacturing is a tool that is utilized on a daily basis. Quality is designed into each process through Advanced Production Quality Planning processes. Once the customer establishes the criteria for a part or component, the Quality personnel work closely with the engineering and tooling departments to identify and target key characteristics to monitor and control to insure customer satisfaction.

Quality provides insight into processes and provides critical feedback to all departments to insure that everyone’s goal is met: customer satisfaction. The quality department audits processes for:
  • Dimensional (variable)
  • Appearance (attribute)
  • Packaging
  • Plating thickness
  • Heat treat
Additional inspections, per customer requirements, are also performed as needed.

If a process is skewed, all departments are notified and the process is reviewed by the proper department and root causes are identified and resolved. Practices include:
  • GP-12
  • Poke-Yoke
  • Torque testing
  • Push-out
  • Cut and etch
Hardness testing, surface finish and plating testing lab
Some of our current products
"State of the art"
Starrett Sigma QC4000
Provides dimensional verification results immediately
Mitutoyo BRM507 CMM
Troy Warren
Engineer / Operations:
Troy Warren
Cheryl Horbes
Jim Smolinski
Shipping & Receiving
Mark Collins
Mark Warren
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